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    Oceanview Design, LLC understands what it takes to properly renovate your home. The first step is coming up with a plan for what parts of the home you might be renovating. We offer renovation services and solutions that keep your renovation project affordable, while adding value to your home.

    When it comes to adding more space to your home, we offer renovation services like creating a finished basement or adding a level to your existing home, by far the most cost-effective way to adding more space to your home. We can also tear down an existing structure and build a new custom home.

    Home Renovation Services offered by Oceanview Design, LLC

    • Kitchen and Baths
    • Home Renovations
    • Home Additions
    • Add-a-Level
    • House Flips
    • Finishing Basements
    • Man Caves

    Oceanview Design, LLC

    Kitchen and Bath Renovations

    If you want to stay in your home, most likely you want to have it upgraded in the areas of the home you and your family spend the most time in. Kitchen renovations and bath renovations usually mean completely gutting the rooms down to the studs. Making sure the electrical and plumbing is up to date (and up to code officials standards) means uncovering everything behind the walls.

    Oceanview Design, LLC

    Home Renovation Specialists

    Our team of home renovation specialists will demo the areas and remove all the old cabinets, tile, sheetrock, and old fixtures. We will then bring in the plumber and electrician to get the bathroom or kitchen up to code. After the electrical and plumbing are completed, new sheetrock is added and then painted. Once the painting is complete, new cabinets, countertops, tile, backsplash and other finishes are installed.

    Oceanview Design, LLC

    Home Flips

    We also can handle real estate flips. Buying real estate and renovating the home and offering it for resale has been popular in Central NJ for years. Hiring a professional licensed contractor to handle the CG services and manage the renovation project for you is vital to the success of renovation. If you are thinking of renovating a home you purchased contact Oceanview Design, LLC and our home renovation team will meet you on site to walk the project and discuss options.



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